VALDEZ oktoberfest & Home Brew Competition

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The Valdez Convention & Visitors Bureau strives to highlight and promote our community thriving craft beer culture by hosting the annual Oktoberfest and Home Brew Competition.

This is our 8th Year!

The Event attracts beer tourism, fosters knowledge of our regional brewing opportunities, and serves as a showcase for great beers, our restaurants, our bars, and other businesses not only with ties to the craft beer community.

Valdez is the perfect place to come together and showcase the craft beer community!

SPONSORSHIP REGISTRATION AND MARKETING Form is available here for download and submission.  

This event cannot happen without your support, so we are asking everyone to help sponsor this event, all monies raised after expenses will benefit the tourism marketing efforts for the entire community of the City of Valdez.

We will be raising money through two avenues, sponsors & from ticket sales.

The 7th Annual Oktoberfest & Home Brew Competition will be taking place at the Valdez Civic Center on Clifton Avenue. October 7th (7pm to 11pm)

Last year’s Event was a great success with over 40 combined Brewers, Competitors, Judges, plus over 300 guests from Alaska and the Lower 48 States.

The Event offers Sponsors the opportunity for brand exposure, consumer interaction, and fun! Not to mention, the event supports Tourism Marketing for all of Valdez, including Alaska.

Valdez Convention & Visitors Bureau is a non-profit 501 (c) 6 organization, responsible for the ongoing tourism marketing mission for the community of Valdez. 100% of the net proceeds are returned to the community by way of marketing and advertising Valdez as a preferred travel destination within Alaska.

Sponsorship benefits include:

·         Enhanced exposure to a large targeted audience for your business

·         Extended consumer awareness throughout the Valdez community with a lasting impression

·         The opportunity to partner with the Valdez Convention & Visitors Bureau and support their tourism marketing mission

·         Website & Social Media marketing prior to the event, during and after the event.....and so much more!

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